Inkdrop Release Notes



  • New feature: Exporting individual notes (Thanks, Takeuchi-san)
  • Improvement: Support changing sort mode via commands:
    • view:sort-by-title
    • view:sort-by-date-created
    • view:sort-by-date-updated
    • view:sort-in-ascending
    • view:sort-in-descending
  • Improvement: Don't save the window state if it's fullscreen/maximized (Thanks, Otawara-san)
  • Bugfix: Syntax highlighting for PHP won't work (Thanks, Nick and Kagaya-san)
  • Bugfix: Avoid duplicate keybinding for cmd-u & ctrl-u (Thanks, Otawara-san)


  • Bugfix: It always fails to initialize solarized-light-syntax plugin
  • Improvement: A little bit faster app initialization



  • Bugfix: The account status won't be recognized correctly when it is not active (e.g., trial expired)


  • Improvement: Show helpful guide on the login failures
  • Bugfix: "Add Notebook" button on the side bar doesn't work (Thanks, Nitawaki-san)


  • New feature: Showing invisible characters (Thanks, Kato-san)
  • Improvement: Open up the download page when new version available but not using auto update (Thanks, Aleksandar)
  • Improvement: Start syncing automatically when network is back online
  • Improvement: Show detailed error message when failed logging in
  • Improvement: Cursor moves to the next placeholder when executed Insert Link while selecting text (Thanks, Nitawaki-san)
  • Bugfix: Auto-increment for numbered lists corrupts mixed-type list (Thanks, Nitawaki-san)


  • Bugfix: Continue-list works unexpectedly when starting lines with "*" character (Thanks Aleksandar)
  • Bugfix: Paste-HTML-as-Markdown feature won't work well when you copy text from PhpStorm (Thanks Luis and Iwan)
  • Improvement: Support auto-increment remaining bullet numbers of ordered lists


  • New feature: Scroll-past-end (Thanks, Andrew)
  • Improvement: It now works on Ubuntu 14.04 and Debian 8.x (Thanks, Thomas)
  • Improvement: Don't continue-list in code blocks (Thanks, Matsumoto-san)
  • Improvement: Support jumping cursor to matched brackets in vim mode (Thanks, kiryph)
  • Improvement: Support searching notes without any status by specifying status:none (Thanks, Nitawaki-san)
  • Improvement: Support inserting multiple image files at once (Thanks, kyokomi-san)


Sorry for the frequent update. It's due to the recent change for reducing the app size. Thanks for your report!

  • Bugfix: ipm command not working


  • Bugfix: It fails to load plugins on macOS (Thanks Iwasaki-san)


  • Improvement: Reduced app size
  • Improvement: Support moving selected text by drag-and-drop (Thanks Ben)
  • Improvement: Support importing HTML file with tags, last updated date and created date (Thanks Nishi-san)
  • Bugfix: Hide menu bar on update window (Thanks Aleksandar)


  • Improvement: Less blocking UI while indexing full-text search


  • New feature: Export as PDF (Thanks Oliver)
  • New feature: Print out
  • Improvement: Support exporting as HTML for extended Markdowns by plugins such as math and sequence-diagrams (Thanks Iwan)
  • Improvement: Consistent syntax highlighting on the preview
  • Improvement: Now ships RPM package
  • Bug fix: Line height preference won't work (Thanks Kato-san)
  • Bug fix: Development mode can't be enabled (Thanks Iwan)



  • Improvement: Ordered task list (Thanks Pina)
  • Improvement: Focus existing window and quit when launching duplicate instances (Thanks Machida-san)


  • Bugfix: Tagging is not working due to the recent performance improvement


  • Bugfix: Paste from IntellJ(maybe more apps) inserts plain text html (Thanks Jeremy)
  • Bugfix: Authentication issue


  • Improvement: Fix Markdown preview theme for dark UIs to look better
  • Improvement: Code optimizations
  • Improvement: Add 'Paste as Plain Text' menu to the editor's context menu (Thanks Oliver)
  • Improvement: Allow GIF files as attachments
  • Bugfix: Fix app freezing for several seconds when using Google IME with suggest feature (Thanks kyokomi-san)


  • Bug fix: Pasting text won't replace current selection (Thanks Obi-san & @marie_9801)


  • Improvement: Support paste as plain text with Cmd-Alt-Shift-V or Ctrl-Alt-Shift-V.
  • Bug fix: Won't scroll to the cursor position when pasted large text


  • New feature: Paste HTML data as Markdown from clipboard
  • Improvement: Support GFM for HTML file import
  • Bug fix: Selecting multiple files on the HTML import dialog won't work (Thanks Makubi-san)


  • New feature: Import HTML


  • New feature: Sharing Notes on the Web
  • Bug fix: Refusing logging in wih newly retaken account (Thanks André)
  • Bug fix: Alert once about the trial expiration after purchased license (Thanks Yasunaka-san)
  • Bug fix: Syntax highlighting doesn't work with same name on the preview and the editor for some languages (Thanks Timothy)


  • Improvement: GraphQL syntax highlighting support (Thanks Tim)
  • Bugfix: Showing "&nbsp" in Preferences panel (Thanks Xing)
  • Bugfix: New note unexpectedly inherits previous note's content (Thanks Obi-san)


  • Bugfix: Prevent clearing search keywords of in-note-search on editor:find (Thanks Ishida-san)
  • Bugfix: App crashes without any message dialog when failed to observe the config file (Thanks Parker)


  • Improvement: Make editor:find* and editor:replace commands global (Thanks Ishida-san)
  • Improvement: Pressing return key at the search bar to focus on the editor
  • Bugfix: Editor unexpectedly scrolls when there's an inline image widget (Thanks 諸岡さん)


  • New feature: Inline image widgets in the editor (Thanks Tyler)
  • Bugfix: Closing search box with esc on mac closes the full screen mode (Thanks Maciej)
  • Bugfix: Syntax highlighting for Powershell doesn't work (Thanks @whyallthenoise)
  • Bugfix: Gutter's background color won't be transparent when UI theme is vibrant-dark-ui.


  • Bugfix: Editor ignores changes made by other device (Thanks Luís)


  • Improvement: New internal API endpoint
  • Bugfix: Better context menu behaviors (Thanks Stephen)
  • Bugfix: Some UI themes break login screen


  • New feature: Duplicating Note (Thanks Geoff)
  • New feature: New Theme (Vibrancy Dark) for macOS
  • New feature: Copying Link Address in Note Preview (Thanks Vianney)
  • New feature: Support Highlighting Several Languages in Note Preview with highlight.js@9.12.0
  • New feature: Opening Link from Editor by Double-clicking URL
  • Improvement: Update Electron@1.6.7


  • Bugfix: Checkbox stays on the absolute position in HTML view (Thanks Ohshima-san)


  • Bugfix: Can't copy note link
  • Bugfix: Can't select multiple notes
  • Bugfix: Other small regressions due to the recent internal breaking change


  • new feature: Toggling checkbox on preview pane (Thanks Geoff and Jay)
  • improvement: Retain last update date when changing note's tag, status and notebook
  • Bugfix: Continuous list feature incorrectly works to Horizontal rule(* * *) (Thanks Stephen)
  • Bugfix: Checkbox formatting includes bullets (Thanks Stephen)


  • bugfix: Rendering corrupt todo list (Thanks Ohshima-san)


  • bugfix: Back-up won't work on Windows (Thanks Ohshima-san)
  • bugfix: App hangs when indexing too big note (Thanks Ohshima-san)


  • bugfix: Editor stops working in a particular condition #35 (Thanks @almorithm!)


  • new feature: A toolbar button for task list (Thanks Geoff!)
  • improvement: Continuous task list when hitting return key
  • bugfix: Cursor sometimes moves to top unexpectedly


  • improvement: Update some syntax themes
  • bugfix: Prevent moving a notebook to its own child notebook